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Curso Micropigmentação Labial

Complete combo with all teaching materials in files for download of the course
Go! Lips On 2.0 - Lip Micropigmentation Beginner to Advanced, which includes:

  • Complete handout - Go! Lips On 2.0.
    You will first learn all the theory on the subject with, labial anatomy, materials used, dermographs, needles, dermocosmetics, pigments and how to avoid the main intercurrences that can happen during the procedure. labial, from the first contact to the aftercare guidelines for your client, in addition to training and tips on how to correctly apply the perfect techniques for an excellent micro labial.
  • Customer Registration with Anamnesis - Go! Lips On 2.0
  • Post Micro Lip Care - Go! Lips On 2.0
  • Lip Contour Training - Go! Lips On 2.0
  • Contour Training in Practice - Go! Lips On 2.0
  • Stroke Training - Go! Lips On 2.0
  • Lip Proportion Workout - Go! Lips On 2.0
  • Free Training - Go! Lips On 2.0
  • lip for training


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your knowledge, and offer  the very best for your customers. A professional is only valued when she delivers results and proves what she is capable of.

[COMBO] Handout + All Materials - Go! Lips On 2.0 - Lip Micropigmentation

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