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Micropigmentação Labial

Complete combo with all teaching materials in files for download of the course
Go! Lips On Start Beginner Lip Micropigmentation, which includes:

  • Handout Go! Lips On Start - Lip Micropigmentation Beginner. 
    You will first learn all theory on the subject with, lip anatomy, materials used, dermographs, needles, dermocosmetics, pigments, lip profiles and how to prevent complications.
  • Workbook - Go! Lips On Start- Beginner Lip Micropigmentation
  • Training Notebook - Go! Lips On Start - Beginner Lip Micropigmentation
  • Anamnesis Sheet - Go! Lips On Start - Beginner Lip Micropigmentation


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your knowledge, and offer  the very best for your customers. A professional is only valued when she delivers results and proves what she is capable of.

[COMBO] Handout + All Materials - Go! Lips On Start Micro Labial Beginner

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