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Curso Colorimetria para Micropigmentadores

Complete combo with all teaching materials in files for download of the course
Go! Colors Pigmentology & Colorimetry, which includes:

  • Complete handout for the course that came to transform your professional view on paints and pigments, freeing you from the constraints of the market, because knowledge liberates and makes us evolve.
    You will first learn everything about paints, how they are made and their particularities, and then understand about colorimetry and its applications, and then everything about this subject will begin to become clear.
  • color classification
  • Classification of chemical elements
  • Chemical elements
  • List of dyes allowed for human use
  • Table of IC's most used in paints for implantation in the skin
  • C.I's classification table
  • Color degradation table
  • Periodic table
  • composition training


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your knowledge, and offer  the very best for your customers. A professional is only valued when he delivers results and proves what he is capable of.

[COMBO] Handout + All Materials - Colorimetry for Micropigmenters

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R$49.90Sale Price
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