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Impulsione os seus Resultados | Tráfego Pago - Projeto RICA

Downloadable Complete Ebook from Boost Your Results | Paid Traffic - RICA Project, which includes:

  • facebook ads
  • How to Create and Set up a Facebook Page

  • How to create Business Manager (BM) account

  • Ad account creation and settings

  • How to create, add and configure Pixel

  • Detailed creation of an ad campaign


  • Google Ads

  • What you need to know before advertising so you don't lose money

  • Sales funnel and its people awareness levels

  • Google Trends - Search Trends

  • How to create Google Ads account and its settings

  • How to link account with Youtube

  • Types of target audiences

  • How to create our audiences

  • And how to set up a full campaign on the Google Search Network


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your income  and make all your dreams come true. Learn how to make money on the internet without leaving your home, just have a cell phone with internet access and know the exact step by step to start earning.

Your future is literally in the palm of your hands.

Boost your Results | Paid Traffic - RICA Project

R$69.90 Regular Price
R$29.90Sale Price
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