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Afiliado Digital

Complete e-book for download of The Affiliate Handbook - The Complete Guide, which includes:

  • How to register on the online platform, where you will have access to thousands of digital products to become an affiliate and earn attractive sales commissions
  • How to correctly taper to a product 
  • What is the correct link to promote and guarantee your commission?
  • Get access to product showcase to affiliate
  • How to use the app to secure your affiliate link
  • Learn and guide your international customers on how to correctly make the purchase using their country data
  • How to open your MEI company and be able to transfer your commission amounts above BRL 1,900.00 per month to your bank account
  • Frequently asked questions with various tutorial links about the platform and settings


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your income  and make all your dreams come true. Learn how to make money on the internet without leaving home, just have a cell phone with internet access and know the exact step by step to start earning.

Your future is literally in the palm of your hands.

Affiliate Manual The Complete Guide - RICA Project Your Financial Freedom

R$59.90 Regular Price
R$29.90Sale Price
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