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Projeto Rica - Sua Liberdade Financeira

Complete downloadable e-book of Project Rica - Your Financial Freedom, which includes:

  • Marketing
  • Most used words in digital marketing
  • The best niches to earn money on the internet
  • The Secret of the Internet Millionaires
  • Achieve your financial independence
  • mental triggers
  • What is the purpose of each mental trigger
  • Copywriting
  • How to properly use copywriting techniques
  • Building a copy strategy
  • Know the profile of each client
  • Sales techniques for each customer profile
  • Difference between Excite x Instigate at the time of sale
  • 3 simple steps to earn today on the internet
  • From scratch to top (based on real events)


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your income  and make all your dreams come true. Learn sales techniques, digital marketing that will make you earn money on the internet without leaving home, just have a cell phone in hand with internet access and know the exact step by step to start earning.

Your future is literally in the palm of your hands.

RICA Project - Your Financial Freedom

R$69.90 Regular Price
R$29.90Sale Price
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