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Go! Lips On
Lip Micropigmentation


Go! Lips On

Lip Micropigmentation

The course


The most complete Lip Micropigmentation Course in Brazil, with 4 female models and 1 male model, all with different types of lips. You will learn everything about the correct neutralization of a dark lip, the topic that most scares the professionals, but when we have the right techniques we are able to perform incredible jobs, and the only course that teaches you how to touch up a lip and shows how the whole process went. healing of each model, so you know what can happen in practice with your customers and how to guide them in the best possible way. Through the techniques taught in this course, Andreia Casagrande was one of the winners of the Oscar PMU 2019 in the Expert Lips category. You who already work with the dermograph only with eyebrows, know that you are not making a lot of money by working with only one technique, and the procedure on lips is growing a lot. Do not give your client to another professional, be complete.



  • Lipstick effect
  • Neutralization of Dark Lips
  • Pixel Effect
  • Lip Contour
  • Revitalization
Cronograma - Lábios

Timeline: Go! Lips On

Lip Micropigmentation

Handout and E-book
training sheet


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Video site Go! Hidra Lips
Ruth Alves.png
DepoimentosAndreia Casagrande.png
Ruth Alves - Spain

"I already took 2 lip courses, and I had never learned so much .. And my first micro lip was after the video I saw Andreia on youtube ... I saw it 20 times .. Congratulations to the couple, because she knows a lot but without it, I wouldn't have so much precise information and qualities in the videos.. You can keep doing more, and I'm going to do all of them.. I'm in Spain.. If I wouldn't repeat everything there."

Priscila Wirth.png
DepoimentosAndreia Casagrande.png
Priscila Wirth - Rio Grande do Sul

"I am very satisfied with the course, it was very didactic and enlightening, Andreia has a lot of talent and her classes were complete, showing us the truth always, not to mention the support we have, she is always willing to answer any questions that arise. The best investment I have made! You are a great professional and a person with incredible energy, always showing your love for what you do and spreading it even more. Thank you! Much success! "

DepoimentosAndreia Casagrande.png
Cíntia Mendonça - Amazonas

"Andréa is wonderful in teaching and in everything. It is difficult to be complete like that !!
One of the best and most profitable courses I have taken in these 19 years of career ...

And look, I've done many!!! I highly recommend it. "

here comes the new


our new online course on Lip Micropigmentation

Soon we will launch version 2.0 of our course, completely updated and new. With a lot more content and amazing lessons for you to learn from the important fundamentals, beginner, intermediate to advanced level techniques.
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I wait for you.
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